Policy & Guidance Services

AQC provides input to both local and central governments, and to the European Commission with respect to the development of air quality policy and guidance.

Examples include:

  • Development of Technical Guidance for Review and Assessment, carried out on behalf of Defra and the devolved administrations.
  • Development of the Mayor of London's Air Quality Neutral guidance.
  • Review of options to tackle PM10 and NO2 hotspots in London, carried out on behalf of Transport for London.
  • Input to the development of the DMRB Screening Model carried out on behalf of the Highways Agency.
  • Provision of air quality advice to Transport Scotland for the trunk road network.
  • Development of air quality guidelines for National Road Schemes, carried out on behalf of the National Roads Authority in Ireland.
  • Development of Indoor Air Quality Guidelines, carried out on behalf of the National Department of Health in South Africa.
  • Development of Evaluation Criteria for Air Quality Management Plans in South Africa, carried out on behalf of the Department for Environment, Agriculture and Transport.
  • Study of options for the implementation of an exposure-reduction approach for Particulate Matter, carried out on behalf of Defra.

AQC staff have also been members of a number of expert panels and working groups assembled to advise both the UK Government and the European Commission.

These have included:

  • Defra's Air Quality Modelling Steering Group
  • UK Government’s Quality of Urban Air Review Group
  • DH's Committee on the Medical Effects of Air Pollutants
  • DfT’s Monitoring and Modelling Panels supporting work on Model Development for Heathrow Airport
  • UK Government’s Photochemical Oxidants Review Group
  • UK Government’s Air Quality Expert Group
  • UK Government’s Committee on the Medical Effects of Air Pollutants
  • EC Working Group on Airborne Particles
  • EC Working Group on Ozone
  • EC Working Group on Guidance
  • EC Working Group on Implementation
  • EC Clean Air for Europe Steering Group
  • CEN Working Group on PM10 and PM2.5

Many thanks for reaching tight deadline caused by our delayed supply of traffic data. Great team effort and excellent service.

Pell Frischmann