Air Quality Consultants provides independent expert advice and assessments covering all ambient air quality issues. Established in 1993, it has a strong and proven track record in providing air quality services to private and public sector clients, both within the UK and internationally. 

The Company has been closely involved in the development of air quality management in both the UK and Europe for over 20 years.  It has also advised Government departments in South Africa and Australia.

Air quality, odour and dust assessments are completed for several hundred projects each year.  They cover a wide range of developments, from small residential schemes in Air Quality Management Areas, to major mixed-use schemes, as well as schemes for new roads, industrial installations and airports.  BREEAM assessments are being provided for new developments.

Latest News

NO2 and NOx trends in the UK 2005 to 2016

Air Quality Consultants Ltd has reviewed trends across the UK over an 11-year period. An overall reduction has been found, when averaged across all 156 sites, but this does not apply to all parts of the UK … Read More >


Air Quality Consultants Ltd has updated its Calculator Using Realistic Emissions for Diesels (CURED) sensitivity test for vehicle emissions Read More >

Our sister company is Noise Consultants Ltd.