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Nitrogen Dioxide adds to Deaths in Bristol


A report quantifying the health impacts of air pollution in Bristol has been updated by Air Quality Consultants to include the impacts of nitrogen dioxide (in addition to particulate matter).

Since the original report was published, there has been growing evidence that further deaths in the City of Bristol could be attributable to nitrogen dioxide. The Committee on the Medical Effects of Air Pollutants has provided a means of calculating the deaths attributable to nitrogen dioxide, as well as the combined number of deaths attributable to both nitrogen dioxide and fine particulate matter.  The new results show that around 300 deaths each year in the City of Bristol can be attributed to exposure to both nitrogen dioxide and fine particulate matter. This represents about 8.5% of deaths in the City of Bristol being attributable to air pollution.

The proportions of deaths attributable to air pollution vary across the City in relation to pollutant concentrations, from around 7% in some wards to around 10% in others.  The report is available here:

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