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Odours are challenging to assess, due to difficulties in measuring them and their inherently subjective nature.

Air Quality Consultants has experience over many years in this field.  We apply a range of approaches, including a desk-based odour risk assessment, sniff tests and dispersion modelling.  The dispersion modelling is supported by at-source monitoring of odour emissions when appropriate.

Projects have covered:

  • sewage treatment works

  • composting facilities

  • intensive livestock farming (pig, poultry and dairy)

  • anaerobic digestion plant

  • waste transfer stations

  • slurry handling on farms

  • abattoirs

  • commercial kitchens and catering outlets

  • various industrial operations

  • contributions to planning appeals


Odours Case Studies

Ben Marner compiled the Air Quality chapter for the Broadmoor Hospital ES, which I co-ordinated. He did a thoroughly excellent job and I have recommended him for more work and bids since then. I would have no hesitation in using him again on any ES I was leading, for any type of development.

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