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Central Government and Agencies

AQC provides input to both local and central governments, and to the European Commission with respect to the development of air quality policy and guidance.

Examples include:

  • Development of Technical Guidance for Review and Assessment, carried out on behalf of Defra and the devolved administrations.
  • Development of the Mayor of London's Air Quality Neutral guidance.
  • Review of options to tackle PM10 and NO2 hotspots in London, carried out on behalf of Transport for London.
  • Input to the development of the DMRB Screening Model carried out on behalf of the Highways Agency.
  • Provision of air quality advice to Transport Scotland for the trunk road network.
  • Development of air quality guidelines for National Road Schemes, carried out on behalf of the National Roads Authority in Ireland.
  • Development of Indoor Air Quality Guidelines, carried out on behalf of the National Department of Health in South Africa.
  • Development of Evaluation Criteria for Air Quality Management Plans in South Africa, carried out on behalf of the Department for Environment, Agriculture and Transport.
  • Study of options for the implementation of an exposure-reduction approach for Particulate Matter, carried out on behalf of Defra.
  • AQC staff have also been members of a number of expert panels and working groups assembled to advise both the UK Government and the European Commission.

These have included:

  • Defra's Air Quality Modelling Steering Group
  • UK Government’s Quality of Urban Air Review Group
  • DH's Committee on the Medical Effects of Air Pollutants
  • DfT’s Monitoring and Modelling Panels supporting work on Model Development for Heathrow Airport
  • UK Government’s Photochemical Oxidants Review Group
  • UK Government’s Air Quality Expert Group
  • UK Government’s Committee on the Medical Effects of Air Pollutants
  • EC Working Group on Airborne Particles
  • EC Working Group on Ozone
  • EC Working Group on Guidance
  • EC Working Group on Implementation
  • EC Clean Air for Europe Steering Group
  • CEN Working Group on PM10 and PM2.5

Always find those I work with very helpful and in particular make great effort to meet timescales, which are often very short.

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