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Helen Pearce

BSc (Hons) MSc PhD

Helen is a Senior Consultant with AQC and joined the company in 2021.

Prior to joining AQC she was based at the University of Birmingham, completing a BSc in Geography, an MSc in Applied Meteorology and Climatology and a PhD in Environmental Health and Risk Management. Her PhD research specialised in air quality modelling where she developed tools to estimate real-time pollutant concentrations on road networks, and to quantify the impacts of Low Traffic Neighbourhoods on residential population exposure. Additionally, she constructed the computational model for a NERC-funded project, ‘GI4RAQ’ (Green Infrastructure for Roadside Air Quality), to quantitively assess the impacts of ‘green’ interventions in street environments. She is now gaining experience in the field of air quality monitoring and assessment.

Brilliant communication, queries dealt with really quickly and project lead by AQC. Exactly what we need.

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