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Air Quality Consultants contributed to a Unicef report calling for action to protect children from the impacts of air pollution


The Unicef UK report “Healthy Air for Every Child: A Call for National Action” proposes a strategy to tackle air pollution and its effect on children’s health (access report here). 

Mike Penrose, Executive Director at Unicef UK stated that the new report “implores government to take action and put children’s health at the heart of its work on air pollution. We urgently need a public commitment to reduce air pollution to acceptable levels, a national strategy that prioritises action for children, and ring-fenced funding to implement this – so that no child is denied their right to clean air.”  (see press release here)

Defra responded to this report saying “the best way to clean up the air … is to stop air pollution from being emitted in the first place. That is why our Strategy focussed on tackling the sources of air pollution.” (see press release here)

Dr Kate Wilkins and Penny Wilson of Air Quality Consultants were commissioned by Unicef UK to produce a literature review setting out a series of case studies on measures to reduce children’s exposure to air pollution.  The review identified a range of interventions applied at schools around the UK, and evaluated the effectiveness of the measures. 

Penny Wilson, Associate Director of Air Quality Consultants, said: “We were pleased to be invited to contribute our considerable experience of managing air quality to support the Unicef project.”

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