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AQC Updates its Analysis of NOx and NO2 Trends


AQC has updated its analysis of long-term NOx and NO2 trends across the UK, which now runs to the end of April 2022.

The analysis considers measurements from 209 real-time monitoring sites spread across the UK, removing the predictable effects of weather using statistical models.

Average concentrations during 2021 were marginally higher than those in 2020 but remained well below those seen before the pandemic.  While the effect of the pandemic on roadside, urban, and industrial concentrations is clear, the overriding pattern reveals the longer-term effects of emissions reduction measures such as the increased use of lower emissions vehicles.

Concentrations at most locations in the UK are thus continuing to fall irrespective of recent activity and societal changes brought about by the pandemic.  This welcome observation will be helpful when developing strategies for future air quality management.

View the full report here.

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