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Read about Air Quality Consultants' latest news and updates.

AQC Investigates the Effect of COVID-19 Social and Travel Restrictions on UK Air Quality

Air Quality Consultants Ltd has analysed trends in air quality over the year to date to investigate whether the recently implemented COVID-19 social and travel restrictions have influenced air quality across the UK.  No obvious influence has been identified as yet, but the analysis will be updated over the coming days/weeks/months to establish whether effects become apparent.


Defra’s Emission Factor Toolkit now Matching Measurements

Air Quality Consultants Ltd has demonstrated that reductions in NOx emissions from motor vehicles predicted by Defra’s Emission Factor Toolkit now broadly match measured data at roadside monitors.  This means Air Quality Consultants’ CURED model is no longer required.


Air Quality Consultants & Noise Consultants Launch New Environmental Strategy Practice

Logika Consultants has been launched as a sister company to Air Quality Consultants and Noise Consultants.  Environmental assessment and strategy expert, Toby Gibbs, will be the Managing Director. 


Air Quality and Biodiversity Conference

Air Quality Consultants is contributing to CIEEM Spring Conference on ‘Assessment and Mitigation of Air Quality Impacts on Biodiversity’ on 4 March 2020


Ammonia Emissions from Roads for Assessing Impacts on Nitrogen-Sensitive Habitats

AQC has examined evidence relating to ammonia emissions from road traffic, their contribution to roadside nitrogen deposition, and how this might change in the future.  AQC has also created a new emissions tool for traffic-related ammonia, which can be downloaded for use by others.


NOx Trends in the UK 2013 to 2019

AQC has updated its analysis of nitrogen oxides concentrations trends at road, urban and rural sites across the UK to include 2019


AQC contributes to EIA Handbook

AQC provides advice on air quality and EIA in a new edition of the EIA Handbook.


AQC announces the appointment of Tim Williamson

AQC announces the appointment of Tim Williamson as an Associate Director in the London office.  Tim has 25 years’ experience in environmental policy development, focussing on air quality, having operated at the local, national and international scales.



Now in its 26th year Air Quality Consultants continues to go from strength to strength as the UK’s largest independent air quality consultancy.


Trends in UK Nitrogen Dioxide Concentrations 2005 to 2018

Air Quality Consultants has updated its analysis of trends in NO2 and NOx concentrations at sites across the UK ….  


Air Quality Consultants becomes a 'Climate Neutral Company'

Air Quality Consultants has offset its carbon emissions associated with its travel and offices for the 2018-19 financial year … 


AQC is delighted to announce the appointment of Guido Pellizzaro

Air Quality Consultants Ltd is delighted to announce the appointment of Guido Pellizzaro, who has joined the team in the London office as an Associate Director. 


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